A New 3RS for the 21st Century


Reducing CO2 emissions will help avoid extinctions in the future. But we also need to act now to stop extinctions and stop the mass killing and abuse of animals.

Act to save species now

Reducing consumption will have a medium-to-long term impact. We buy differently now, and in the future there will be less climate change. This will not only help humans, but all other forms of life on Planet Earth.

But that doesn’t help the billions of animals and entire species that are threatened with annihilation today, right now, as a result of our consumption and arrogance.

Once a species goes extinct, it is gone forever from this world, from the universe. It’s bad enough when that happens through the course of natural changes in the world. But it’s beyond horrible that a species should go extinct to make sure people can enjoy their cat videos and drink purified water from plastic bottles.

Purified because it was poisoned in the first place by human activity.

Those of us who are concerned about the widespread extinction of species occurring now should be desperately seeking any and every possible action we can take today, right now, to rescue those species. Saving species should be a top priority of the climate action movement.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of organizations around the world working night and day to save the lives and species of animals. Thousands of people spend and risk their lives in the fields and jungles and oceans to combat the worst effects of human consumption.

These rescuers are true superheroes, but they are almost completely invisible to the general public, and are constrained severely by budget and politics. All these groups, all these rescuers, deserve and need our support, and we need to be inspired by their dedication and achievements.

We can each become a rescuer, in our own ways. Volunteer at local parks and preserves to push back invasive species. Help clean up waterways in your towns and cities. Plant trees.

There is so much we can do to rescue life threatened by the consequences of human consumption. And the more we rescue, the more we reconnect!

Use fabe to help save life all around you

Seek out opportunities in your own community to rescue animals and plants, large and small.

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