A new 3Rs for the 21st century


Runaway human consumption drives climate chaos and extinctions. Let’s try to consume only what we need and do it in the least harmful way possible.

consumption reduction: our #1 priority

All that stuff we buy, all the energy needed to make that stuff, all the pollution and waste flowing from the thousands of factories required to build just about anything these days? All of that makes climate change so much worse.

Paradoxically, this is great news! That’s because each of us have control over if, when and how we consume. Each of us can say “No thanks” to the latest eye-popping television technology. Each of us can say “No way” to those awful plastic water bottles.

And in a market economy, we consumers call the shots. That is a fact, even if it doesn’t feel that way to you  right now…

With enough “no thanks” and “no ways” to products we don’t need or are wastefully packaged, companies will change what and how they sell, or go out of business. 

And it is a short step from successfully forcing many companies to change their products to getting the right kinds of laws passed by our governments.

So while it is great and important to talk about innovation and new technologies that can move us off fossil fuels and grow food using less energy and so on, our first priority must be to reduce our current consumption levels as much as we possibly can.

Then and only then will there be the breathing space in our economic systems and in wildlife habitats to heal and survive.

Use the fabe app to consume differently and less

Each and every day ask yourself: “Do I need to buy that? If I do, how can I get it doing the least harm possible?” fabe can help!

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