A New 3RS for the 21st Century


Reconnect humanity, especially our children, to the natural world. Strengthen the bonds of family and friends — away from the Internet and computer screens.

reconnect to nature, friends and family

We, especially our children, need to reconnect to the natural world, and strengthen the bonds with family and friends — away from the Internet and computer screens.

The more time we spend inside our sealed-off boxes (cars, trains, planes, homes, offices), and the more time we spend staring at screens and listening through headphones, the more we consume (energy and more) and less we notice, appreciate and enjoy the rest of the world. It also makes us feel bad, and eventually sick.

The more time we spend outside, the less we consume, and the more we appreciate the joy of the wild. The more active we are outside, the healthier and happier we become.

If this is not obvious to you, please shut off your computer right now and go outside. Feel the wind and sun on your face. Take a deep breath. Go among trees. Smell the world. Listen to the birds. Watch insects and amphibians up close.

And if you’d like some on-line reinforcement, check out this Global Modeling of Nature’s Contribution to People.

Reconnect with the natural world, and it will reconnect to you.

Together, we can all restore and live in a beautiful world.

reconnect actions

Take actions large and small to reconnect with the world around, with your friends and family. How can watching TV compare with watching a bird fly through trees?

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