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Download the fabe app and discover our library of over 350 unique actions you can take on a regular basis. Join our community and proudly share what you do to help curb climate chaos!

Browse actions by environmental impact, category or comprehensive action plan

Interested in animal welfare? Reducing food waste? Minimizing plastic consumption? Our action library is categorized in such a way as to make it easy for you to take action where it matters to you the most.

We’ve also put together custom action plans that span categories and impact areas. Passionate about sustainable parenting? Our Planet Positive Parent action plan might be right for you. Love traveling responsibly? Then you’ll want to add our Eco Tourist plan to your profile.

And if we’re missing the perfect action plan, don’t fret! You can create one to match your own unique needs.

Log actions throughout your day

So you’ve browsed and discovered the actions you want to take. Great! Now you’ll want log them in the app, every time you take them!

You’ll earn fabe Life Points as you do, and let others know the action has been taken. The power lies not only in our individual actions, but in how each of our actions, thousands and millions strong, together, can drive real change. The power IS in the numbers, so get logging!

Share your journey page

Your fabe journey page is a great way to share your passion for a more sustainable way of living with the world. The more we share and talk about climate change and species extinction, the more likely people are to take action themselves.

Be proud of what you’re doing, and be a driver for change! Share your journey page across your different social media channels, and we’re betting your friends will be doing the same soon too.

Your journey page shows any action plans you’ve subscribed to, your logging activity, your fabe life points and much, much more. Share it proudly! You can bet we’ll do the same.

Become a rescuteer

Millions of species around the world are threatened with extinction. Once a species is gone, it’s gone forever. Embrace the second of our new 3Rs, and become a rescuteer.

How? By connecting to any of the hundreds and thousands of organizations worldwide that are committed to fighting human-caused extinctions.

We have curated lists of amazing groups of people who are passionate about rescuing species (big and small!) around the planet. Find a species you are passionate about, and connect with any number of organizations we have found. They need all the help they can get! Your time is the most precious gift you can give.

Note: Rescuteers is under construction. 

Get reminders straight to your inbox

Afraid you might forget an important action that is not yet a habit? Turn on notifications and get a reminder in your inbox. Too much email? We get it! Turn them off anytime, no hard feelings, and visit your notification center for some quick logging action.

Suggest new actions

We think we’ve got a great starting point for climate change actions. But there is so much more to do!

Think we’ve missed a good one? Use the feedback button to let us know! Think we’ve got something wrong? Let us know as well! We are committed to building up the best and most comprehensive library of actions out there, but we need your help. Click that button and let us know. We’ll be right here, reading every bit.

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