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DOAG is the German Oracle User Group, which holds a large and very popular conference at the end of each year. In 2019, DOAG held a contest to highlight innovative applications built using Oracle technologies. We are very pleased to announce that:

Read the original German language announcement here. We offer a translation below.

fabe is an innovative mobile app designed to help people fight climate change, environmental degradation and species extinction. It is organized around a new 3Rs: reduce, rescue and reconnect. The jury’s decision was unanimous.

Julia Graßhoff, Tobias Arnold and Florian Graßhoff present fabe to DOAG attendees.

The project prize was launched in the summer of 2019. By September 16, companies could throw their digital projects into the ring. Conditions: Implementation with intensive use of Oracle technologies and not older than two years. The prize: 2,000 euros and three tickets for the DOAG 2019 Conference + Exhibition. The project prize was awarded in the categories Applications and Technology and was explicitly addressed to companies from German-speaking countries. The review of the submitted entries and the final selection of the winners was carried out by the six-person project prize jury, which included representatives of the DOAG board and the DOAG communities as well as independent experts.

The founders of fabe, Steven Feuerstein and Vincent Morneau, chose to implement a PWA solution (Progressive Web App) using Oracle Application Express (APEX). In addition to APEX, the Oracle Enterprise database in the cloud was used, among other things, with the Tuning and Diagnostic Pack. E-mails were generated in the database and sent from the Oracle cloud. The DB model was created with the SQL Data Modeler, while SQL Developer was used as the development IDE. Finally, Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS) technology was used to provision and manage database content.

fabe can be used as a source of information for many biodiversity conservation and climate change actions. Users can also create their own action plans and be motivated by the app and the community to do more and stay on the ball. Because: “If one million people renounce the purchase of water in plastic bottles, then this could also affect the production and trade,” said the makers in their project prospectus.

For Niels de Bruijn, Director of Development at DOAG, fabe was the clear favorite after viewing the submissions: “I think it’s a great initiative that affects everyone, that can be used by everyone. The project was implemented exclusively with volunteers – and with current Oracle technology!”

Michael Paege, Vice President of DOAG, could only agree:” The sum of the arguments for fabe was outstanding: The global team with its base in Germany, the volunteerism of the app, the usability of the app – and the whole thing with the latest Oracle technology. “Congratulations, fabe!

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