fabe upgrade: faster, better navigation and more!


We released the fabe app for use on all mobile devices and desktop browsers on August 30th. And our users immediately gave us lots of great feedback on how to make it better (sure, they also reported some bugs, but let’s dwell on that ????).

So we followed lots of their advice and added:

Email reminders: tap the bell for an action to get a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly email reminders. And with a single tap on the bell at the bottom of your screen, review all your reminders and easily log actions right there.

Note: you can turn off email notifications by tapping the triple-bar icon in the top right, then settings, then notifications.

Faster and easier navigation across the app: You’ll find fabe overall snappier and more responsive to your taps. In addition, we’ve added the ability to switch between horizontal and vertical scrolling on actions, action plans and categories on the home page.

Your action plans come first: now when you create your own action plans, such as “My daily routine”, that will be first in the list on the home page, and ready for your quick updates.

Super-cool gradient birdhand: in fabe, you click on the birdhand to indicate you’ve taken the action. The more you click, the darker the icon gets (until you hit the maximum allowed in a given period). You can see that in the first screen shot in this post.

Thanks to our users for their great feedback and use of the app. It’s going to get better and better, faster and faster.

Together, we can halt climate chaos and human-caused extinctions!

Install the app here.

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