Content app update (v1.2.0)


fabe is “powered” by a library of 400 climate actions, which means fundamentally that fabe is all about content. With each release, we update two applications simultaneously: one for the public usage at, and one completely dedicated to our content team at fabe, which is responsible for researching and creating the content that the app delivers: the climate actions, the action plans, etc.

Managing the fabe climate actions

Therefore our dev team is split in two, and here is what v1.2.0 brings to our content app this time (which also serves as an early announcement of features to be implemented soon in our public app, since it needs content set up first):

New features:

  • Missions: climate missions (similar to “eco challenges”) will be in the next version of our public app. We will use missions to target the impact of user actions.
  • Onboarding experience: create questions with choices that users will answer when they sign up to the app. Those answers will allow us to personalize the fabe experience, showing relevant actions and perhaps more important not showing our users actions that have nothing to do with their lives.
  • Make actions and missions be country specific. For example, you can now create actions for Canada only.
  • URLs across the app are now validated every night. The team is then notified of any broken link so they can be frixed.


  • Updated UI for the content app
  • Better menu structure
  • More usage statistics

Bug fixes:

  • Copying an action now also copies the action image
  • When users of the public app submit feedback, it’s now possible to generate a GitLab ticket automatically.

Other changes:

  • Lots of clean up

Our content app often contains sneak peeks of what’s to come in the public app. If you wish to help us create the best content for fabe, please reach out to

See you at the next update.

Vincent Morneau
for the fabe team

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