App update: January 2019 (v1.2.0)


Today we update the fabe app, closing over 100 tickets that bring lots of new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. Most importantly, v1.2.0 paves the way for us to prepare the next big update (v2). We are excited for what’s to come after the new year, but right now let’s celebrate the shiny new stuff you can enjoy in the app today.

If you have already installed the app, then you’re all set, since fabe is always up to date! If not, you can install the app on Android from the Google Play Store or on iOS from, then tap “Click to install” and follow the simple instructions.

Here are the release notes for v1.2.0:

New features:

  • ????Push notifications (for Android and desktop devices): Receive push notifications on your mobile/desktop device instead of (or in addition to) email reminders!
  • ????Configure a second notification at the end of your day to check how you’ve done
  • New page visuals for first time visitors to our app


  • ⚡Overall performance of the app is greatly improved
  • ⚡Downloading your action plan is much faster
  • ????Lots of visual consistency improvements
  • ????Improved icons
  • ????️Rescuteers are now available to everyone, even when not signed in
  • ????️Set your own timezone, or let automatic timezone detection
  • ????️Tell us your country. We plan to offer country-specific actions in the future.

Bug fixes:

  • ???? Most popular climate actions now display in the correct order
  • ???? Collapsible side menu can be closed more easily now
  • ???? Automatic timezone detection improved

Other changes:

  • We have removed features from the app that made more sense to have on our website.

Behind the scenes, we are putting in place a completely new architecture that you can use to put together a climate action plan that makes it easier to integrate climate action into your day-to-day life. We will also offer climate missions: a very specific set of actions that you commit to complete for bigger reward. More of that very soon.

See you at the next update.

Vincent Morneau
for the fabe team

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