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Those of us who are concerned about the widespread extinction of species occurring now should be desperately seeking any and every possible action we can take today, right now, to rescue those species. Saving species should be a top priority of the climate action movement.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of organizations around the world working night and day to save the lives and species of animals. Thousands of people spend and risk their lives in the fields and jungles and oceans to combat the worst effects of human consumption. And others challenge attacks on other species through courts of law and legislation (such as the incredibly effective Center for Biological Diversity).

These rescuers are true superheroes, but they are almost completely invisible to the general public, and are constrained severely by budget and politics. All these groups, all these rescuers, deserve and need our support, and we need to be inspired by their dedication and achievements.

The fabe Rescuteers program aims to do just that. Each Rescuteers team contains two kinds of members: on-the-ground rescuers and fabe members (or as we like to call them/us, guardians of the future). The core idea behind Rescuteers is to create a personal, passionate link between these two groups.

Suppose you act to have a broad and future-focused impact on climate change by buying only what you need.

Yet you also have always been attracted to the wonder and plight of elephants. So you join the Elephant Rescuteers team. The team consists of fabe members like yourself, but also scientists, naturalists and volunteers who are working on projects right now to protect and save elephants.

You get updates from the field like:

“We helped Mama Jay give birth to a beautiful new baby today: Jojo.”

“Malima was found alone and in a state of collapse during the height of a drought. A rescue team from #SheldrickTrust provided immediate veterinary care & IV drips which saved her life. Watch what happened next… #SavingLives

and so on. But more than that, these rescuers also inspire us to do more with messages like:

“Help us make sure that when Jojo is fully grown he will have a good life. Stop using plastics whenever possible, buy only what you need, get outside and enjoy our world as much as Jojo does!”

We believe that Rescuteers can can rows the visibility of our superhero rescuers, increase donations to these groups, and inspire all of us to work that much harder in our own lives.

We’re just getting started

That’s our vision. In our first iteration, the Rescuteer teams provide a list of key groups around the world working on a particular species. We make visiblesee the depth and breadth of efforts, and also make it easy for you to visit their sites and lend your support.

Over time, we will build close partnerships with these groups and get the two-way, inspiring communication flowing.

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