It’s time to change our lives to save all our futures.

We can do it by following a new 3Rs for the 21st century.
Join us!

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Transform your buying power into a superpower to stop climate chaos and human-caused extinctions.
Use your body, mind and time to rescue life that is struggling all around us.

A New 3Rs for
the 21st Century

We tried “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and ended up with runaway consumption that has covered the continents and filled the oceans with our trash and poisons.

It’s time for a new 3Rs that reflect the severity of the climate crisis: reduce, rescue and reconnect.

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Runaway human consumption drives climate chaos and extinctions. Let’s try to consume only what we need, and minimize consumption for comfort, convenience and entertainment.


Untold species face extinction. Billions are today abused and tortured, for food and entertainment. It’s time for all of us to do what we can to rescue our fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth.


The more time we spend with nature, the fewer resources we use, the healthier we are, and the more we appreciate our family and friends. Close this website and go outside!

Carry out your personalized 3R action plans with the fabe app.

We have gathered hundreds of climate actions in one convenient app so you can integrate the new 3Rs into your life and help save life on our planet from a climate catastrophe.

for all a beautiful earth: the video

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